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Private Investigation Services Cornwall

Process Serving

Many court processes would be in great difficulty if injunctions and other documents were not properly and successfully served. Our agents share many years of experience in this occasionally complicated role.

High priority and immediate availability of fully experienced staff permit urgent collection of documents from courts and elsewhere when necessary.

Disputed service is virtually unknown and we regard this task as essential to the proper functioning of the legal system.


The reasons for trying to find someone are wide-ranging. Most commonly debt recovery is the purpose, but we are increasing involved in restoring broken contact between family members and former colleagues and friends.

The Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act have made it increasingly difficult to conduct successful tracing. However our experience built up during many years of enquiry agency work enables us to maintain impressive results in this field. Dedicated specialist staff pursue new challenges blending the latest technology with traditional investigative techniques, supplemented by the internet.

Computerisation of record sources can be fully exploited if information such as first names, birth date, occupation, partner’s name, previous addresses, employers details, NI number and similar details are supplied if known. Sometimes a delivery address for goods differs from an invoice address. If such information is held on file by the client, it may help the enquiry.